Dakota Martinez7th Grade
Lane Hunsberger7th Grade
Lucas Hoerr7th Grade
Ty Walk7th Grade
Jory Hoerr7th Grade
Madason Laman7th Grade
Jacob Burget7th Grade
Sam Campbell 8th Grade
Dan Valpando8th Grade
Trey Geyer8th Grade
AJ Robidoux8th Grade
Jacob Brown8th Grade
Cameron Quick8th Grade
Wyatt Smith8th Grade
Chris Meyers8th Grade
Derek Sanches8th Grade
Chris Alejandre8th Grade
Brody Wagner8th Grade
Nomination to name the CHS Track after Jack Kehmeier


Safe To Tell Safe2TellĀ® provides YOUNG people a way to report any threatening behaviors or activities endangering themselves or someone they know, in a way that keeps them safe and anonymous. Safe2tell.org